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July 25, 2017

I have updated my hours of availability on Thursdays as of August 3, 2017. I will be providing massage for guests at Caring House in Durham where I will be working with cancer patients and their caregivers. I love all my clients but this group of people hold a special place in my heart since I've been where they are now. 

I completed the Spirit of Learning course and wow did I learn a lot about myself in addition to learning about teaching. As an extension of that course I will be taking Somatic Education Leadership later this year. 

October 19, 2016

Since the last news I've completed an additional course in lymphatic massage titled "Working with a Compromised System". Now better able to work with those who have their lymphatic system compromised.

I am also enrolled in a program called "The Spirit of Learning". Although I don't know if I will actually teach massage but I feel this will help me in working with all people. 

September 30, 2015

In my work with oncology clients I find many with lymphedema. In order to better assist these people, I completed a 3 day continuing education course entitled "Lymph Massage: Protocol for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies". What wonderful work. I learned that there are other medical conditions other that lymphedema that can be helped by lymph massage. The training was based on the Vodder technique. 


 July 14, 2015

In February of this year I began to work as a provider with Cornucopia Cancer Support Center in Durham, NC. I work there on the first and third Thursdays  of each month giving massage to their participants which include people with cancer and their caregivers. I feel this is an awesome opportunity to be able to give relief to those who are touched by the various forms of this disease.

October 25, 2014

I forgot to post in advance but now I would like to say I had a wonderful time providing chari massage for those at the NAMI NC Conference last weekend.

I am also working on my first newsletter and hope to get it emailed out by the end of the month. I have "subscribed" all my current and past clients as well as those who said yes to the mailing list at chair massage events. You may also sign up yourself from HERE.

 August 26, 2014

I am happy to announce that I am now Certified in Integrative Reflexology®. I just love hands on classes where I get to feel the effects of the bodywork I am learning. Reflexology alone can have some powerful effects. I will most likely be adding some amount of this work with all massage sessions. I will also offer Integrative Reflexology® on it's own as well. 

I am also now adding Reiki Healing sessions to my practice as well. Reiki is a Japanese based technique accessing a universal life force energy. Reiki is good for stress reduction, relaxation, and general life balance. 

As of this time these sessions will be charged at the same hourly rate as a massage.

 July 21, 2014

Check out the new photo gallery page to see a few shots inside the treatment space. 

You can also find me now on Yelp.

 November 15, 2013

Now listed as a Preferred Provider with Society for Oncology Massage, Inc., take a look under Find a Therapist.

Massage gift certificates make very nice gifts for friends and families. Plus you don't have the stress of getting into the crowds at the stores. Just give me a call 919-417-9537 or email me at glenna.maynus@quartermoondreams.com.

I have a Facebook page where I often post information I feel may be useful for my clients. Please "like" QuarterMoonDreamsHealingArts .

The Rock for Hope event was fantastic. 

 July 30, 2013

I will be participating in the Community Health Fair at Rock for Hope being held at the North Carolina Museum of Art Park Theatre in Raleigh, NC on Saturday September 21, 2013 from Noon - 5PM. This event features the band N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease) a unique band of six gynecologic oncology surgeons from across the country; two of whom are from UNC, Chapel Hill. Oh and by the way, it is FREE admission.

May 14, 2013

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