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About the Massage Therapist

Glenna Maynus, LMBT NC License#12485 

Preferred Practitioner - Society For Oncology Massage

Who am I and Why am I a Massage Therapist

I am a person who has done a number of different jobs over the course of time. I graduated from East Tennessee State University with a BS in Biology and Mathematics. Jobs I have held include secondary education Mathematics teacher, a medical technologist, an organic chemist, an information scientist, a software engineer, and a business analyst. The companies involved included a public school system, a medical diagnostic testing laboratory, an agricultural research laboratory, and lastly a large pharmaceutical company.

 I began receiving massage as a way to help me handle the physical effects of stress while working in the hectic corporate world. I found that receiving massage and bodywork helped me to manage my stress levels and relieve the pain in my body that resulted from that stress.

 I also received a cancer diagnosis during this time. Massage helped me with the additional stress as well as the effects from my medical treatments. I became more self-aware and began to see myself as a whole person – mind, body and spirit. I also began to examine my life and what I had to offer to the world.

 When I learned I was to be downsized, aka laid off, I looked on the event as an opportunity to “figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up”. I knew I wanted to help others, in particular those with cancer. Upon reading an article about oncology massage, I knew that was a path I wanted to follow. So I went to Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC and became a licensed massage and bodywork therapist.

 I want to share my experience with others by providing therapeutic massage and bodywork to those living in this hectic world and/or those affected by cancer.

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